i have a question

Hey, guys,

I have a question.
Just got four capsules of 3MMC here. According to the guy who gave me these, each capsule holds about 100-200mg. The 3MMC is still in crystalline form.
The last time I used this drug was about three months ago.
My question now would be, what is the best way to consume these four capsules?
There should be little or no tolerance due to the long pause.
It should also be mentioned that I take this stuff with my girlfriend.
Of course, I would prefer to get the longest possible period of effect from it.

I have used 3MMC quite often, but I always replenished my intake after about two hours and swallowed a whole capsule.
Is that even necessary with so much content?
And when do you always refill? On some pages you can read that the stuff is supposed to work for four to six hours. But thanks to the cravings I never made it that long.

I’d appreciate some insightful answers! 😀

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