Dark vision represents a large, professionally and socially relevant community. Our worldwide networking and our high scientific and social standards form the basis for our creative work in the interest of a sustainable world worth living in.

Chemistry needs prestige and support. Its usefulness and general importance for our modern life and sustainable development are greatly underestimated, especially by the public. Our ambition is to change this – by giving chemistry the recognition it deserves and giving it room to develop.
To this end

we promote scientific work, research and teaching while maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity as well as the exchange and dissemination of scientific knowledge,
we support the creation of networks, transdisciplinary and international cooperation and the continuous development of education and training in schools, universities and the professional environment,
we seek an intensive and constructive dialogue with the public to strengthen the understanding of chemistry and chemical interrelationships,
we contribute our expertise actively and sustainably to science, politics and society through open communication and trusting cooperation with our partners,
we act independently, continuously and with sustainable impact, integrated in the international community of scientists, for the benefit of society, taking into account the expectations of future generations.